Jammeh- Kunda, Stevoort Nursery School

Nadat er in 2010 in 6 teams gereden hebben voor de Stevoort Nursery school met de Antwerpen 'Banjul Challange' is besloten om een kleuterschool te bouwen in Jammeh Kunda. De kleuterschool werd in 2012 voltooid en voorzien van zonnepanelen in 2014. Op dit moment telt de school 70 kinderen met 3 door ons betaalde leraren.

De ontwikkeling van de dorpsgemeenschap werd een tweede focus. In samenwerking met de bewoners van Jammeh-Kunda werd besloten een nieuw gebouw op te zetten dat multifunctioneel kon worden gebruikt. De Creative Studio is gebouwd in 2014 en is uitgerust met zonnepanelen in 2016. De Creative Studio wordt gebruikt als een klaslokaal voor eerstehulpcursussen, zeepmakery, info, medisch teamconsultatie, bezoekersverblijf, ... maar vooral als naaimodel met cursussen voor de dames uit het dorp.

In de nabije toekomst willen we werken aan klimaataanpassing, het realiseren van een keuken om maaltijden voor schoolkinderen aan te bieden, samenwerken met SOS-kinderdorpen (The Gambia) voor de ontwikkeling van de dorpsgemeenschap en het optimaliseren van de groentetuinen door betere zaden en irrigatie ( Via mobiele zonne-irrigatiepompen).

Project Title:

Stevoort Nursery School


Region: North Bank

District/ward: Central Baddibu

Village: Jammeh Kunda

Applicant Organization

Name of organization: Stevoort & Jammeh-Kunda

Type of organization: Non-profit

Address: Stevoortse Kiezel 232 – 3512 Stevoort - Belgium

Phone: +32476226949


Registration status


Contact person/project leader

Name: Liefsoens Peter

Position: President

Phone: +32476226949


Project mamagement team

Name: Hendrickx Stefan

Position: Member

Phone: +32476386007


Name: Ghysels Wim

Position: Member

Phone: +32498100086






Project Partners/ stakeholders (if any)

Name of organization: SOS Children’s Villages Bakoteh

Type of organization: NGO

Address: Hermann Gmeiner Drive, Bakoteh, The Gambia

Telephone: +220 446 67 15

Required Budget (GMD)

Funds required from the HHF/DCD

Unfortunately, we have not received any of the promised funds.

We would appreciate it if we would receive support from the government, as appreciation for our many years of commitment and lasting engagement.

Counterpart contribution(GMD)


Bank details

BE 43 7360 1949 0701


Education and community development

Duration of project(in months)

How long will the project last, including starting date?

Started in 2010. There is no end date provided.


Number of people expected to benefit from this project

Male:      Female:    Total: about 400 people and about 70 children (-12y.)

Project Description (200 words)Brief summary of project backgrond, problem statement and justification


After participating in the 'Antwerp-Banjul Challange' by 6 residents of Stevoort in 2010, soon was decided to build a school in Jammeh Kunda. The Nursery school was completed in 2012 and equipped with solar panels in 2014. At present 70 children attend education with 3 by us paid teachers.

The village community's development became a second focus. In conjunction with the residents of Jammeh-Kunda, it was decided to set up a new building that could be used multifunctionally. The 'Creative Studio' was built in 2014 and equipped with solar panels in 2016. The Creative Studio is used as a classroom for first aid courses, soapmaking, info, medical team consultation, visitor lodging, ... but mainly as a sewing studio with courses for the ladies from de village.

In the near future, we want to work on climate adaptation, realizing a kitchen to provide meals for schoolchildren, collaborating with SOS children's villages (The Gambia) for the development of the village community and helping optimize the vegetable gardens through better seeds and irrigation (through mobile solar irrigation pumps).


The financing of our project, its further expansion, the 3 teachers, ... is mainly done via:

• All children in the village have Belgian sponsors (5 Euro per month/ child).

• We sell (in Belgium) bags made in our sewing workshop.

• Grants from our Belgian city council (Hasselt).

• Organizing or participating in various fundraising actions.

• Gifts and ...

Major goal

Education and community development


Specific objectives

Climate adaptation and optimalisation of the local  gardens


A kitchen and meals for the schoolchildren


The development of the village community


Expected outputs

- The climate adaptation: Here is a big challenge. Special studies, specifically for West Africa, teach us that agricultural techniques will have to change, the need to drill deeper for drinking and irrigation water (among other things due to the increase of saltwater levels), ...

Ensure that the locals are prepared for climate change and suffer as less  as possible from adverse effects.

- Collaboration with SOS Children's Villages Gambia: In order to grow the empowerment of the village community, with the greatest respect for their culture and uniqueness, we are now working together with this local NGO, for example through, microcredits, diversity of crops, local economy, coaching, ...

Increased self-preservation, health, economy and self-maintenance in a structured and sustainable manner.

- Construction of a kitchen: The goal is to provide the students with a meal once a day. Next to the kitchen there will also be the need of a water well.

The schoolchildren provide food safety and thereby increase their health and resistance (a healthy mind in a healthy body).

- Vegetable gardens: Large communal vegetable gardens.

Here we want to work with:

• Larger diversity of vegetables and crops

• Composting and fertilization

• Better and bigger harvest (vegetable gardens and rice fields)

• Improved seed quality

• Improving the possibilities for irrigation

• Shielding the gardens against loose cattle (not their property) that are looking for "tender green" in the dry season.


Due to the various measures, there will be more returns, less external purchases, there will be the opportunity to sell their products on the market ... In this way, time and resources will be available for further development.



Project Sustainability









  • High level of participation from the village community itself.
  • Implementing the insight on the importance of school education and development of the children.
  • Working with a local NGO (better knowledge of the own culture, achievable goals, working through coaching, ...).
  • Long-term planning and follow-up. Regular work visits on site (minimum 2x per year).
  • Training for and recruitment (teachers, cooks, tailors, ...) from the local population.




Implementation schedules

Activities:              Timeline:                       Responsibilities

All mentioned      2017 -2022                   - The local community,

                                                                       - NGO SOS Children’s Villages

                                                                       - Stevoort & Jammeh-Kunda


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