Brufut, Vrouwentuin

In Brufut gaan we de beschikbaarheid van vers voedsel verbeteren. Nadat de nieuwe Markthal in Brufut door ons is gerealiseerd, ontstaan er nieuwe kansen voor lokale producenten van verse groenten, fruit en kruiden. Kansen die ze de afgelopen 30 jaar niet hebben gehad, mede door de teloorgang van de oude markt en de opkomst van supermarkten die geïmporteerd voedsel verkopen.

Studenten van de Landbouwuniversiteit in Faraba onderzoeken de vereisten om dit te bereiken.

Ook onderzoeken ze of investeringen in koelinstallaties en kleinschalige productie verstandig en rendabel zijn.

Project Title:

Women`s garden


Region:  West Coast Region

District/ward SannehMentereng Constituency

Village Brufut

Applicant Organization

Name of organization: Stichting Casa-Gambia-Nederland

Type of organization: Stichting

Address: Onderste Puth 18

Phone: +31 6 2120 8990


Registration status

ANBI status

Contact person/project leader

Name: F. Simons

Position: Penningmeester Casa-Gambia-Nederland

Phone: +31 6 2120 8990


Project mamagement team

Name: E. Jatta

Position: chairman

Phone: +220 399 1297


Name: P. de Bokx

Position: secretary

Phone: +31 6 5424 7268







Project Partners/ stakeholders (if any)

Name of organization: Foundation Casa-Gambia in Gambia

Type of organization:  foundation and Tin organisation

Address: Sannehmentereng Constituency West Coast Region

Telephone:+220 399 1297

Required Budget (GMD)

€ 20.000



Counterpart contribution(GMD)

Foundation Casa-Gambia in Gambia



Bank details

005302503950811043 Brusubi



Duration of project(in months)

How long will the project last, including starting date?

Starting will be 2023-2025, during 36 months


Number of people expected to benefit from this project

Male:      Female:    Total: 20.000 personen

Project Description (200 words)Brief summary of project backgrond, problem statement and justification


In Brufut, we will improve the availability of fresh food. After the new Market Hall in Brufut is realised by us, new opportunities will arise for local producers of fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs. Opportunities they have not had for the past 30 years, partly due to the decline of the old market and the rise of supermarkets selling imported food.

Students from the Agricultural University in Faraba are researching the requirements to achieve this.

They are also investigating whether investments in refrigeration systems and small-scale production are sensible and profitable.

Pending the research, we cannot yet draw up a budget, but for the time being we are assuming

€ 20.000.


Major goal

If we can improve production and marketing, the impact is felt by all the 400 families involved and by the whole village Brufut.

Specific objectives

The budget for the womengarden is € 20.000.






Expected outputs

To help a lot of people to increase their income by planting fruit, vegetables and spices for their family but also to sell this at the market. In times of food shortages, they have enough food for themselves.


Project Sustainability









In our project will be central the informal education. When we will have success to learn women sustainability methods, can this be an example for other women gardens in the country.









Implementation schedules

Activities:           Timeline:                          Responsibilities

Construction women`s garden, in 2023-2025, Casa-Gambia is responsible for this.










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