Pirang, Waterput en moestuin

Water is een recht voor iedereen! Water is een bron van leven!
Geen moestuin zonder water!
Met deelname kun je rijden voor een waterput. In de school kan bijvoorbeeld een moestuin worden aangelegd.
Dit geeft ook de mogelijkheid om de kinderen 1 warme maaltijd per dag te geven. Deze groenten kunnen ook worden verhandeld op de overdekte markt. De markthal verkeert in een erbarmelijke staat.
De renovatie van deze markthal is als tweede project gepland.
De put en de verbouwing van de markthal zijn kleine ingrepen, maar met een zeer waardevol resultaat.
Groenten kunnen verhandelen geeft extra inkomsten. De 15.000 inwoners van Pirang kunnen hier allemaal van genieten.
Met de challenge van 2019 is de muur rond de medische post geplaatst,
de medische post werd opgeknapt en elektriciteit werd toegevoegd.
Doelgroepen :
Plattelandsbevolking – kinderen en jongeren – vrouwen
Thema's :
Watervoorziening - economie - gezondheidszorg - onderwijs

Project Title:

  1. Market renovation project
  1. Water well project


Pirang Village

Applicant Organization

Pirang Village Development Committee (VDC)

Registration status

Fully regesterd with Antony General Chembers 

Contact person/project leader

Baaba K Bojang

Chairman VDC



Project mamagement team

VDC project and planning committee

: A five man sub-committee set up to implement and supervise project map out

Project Partners/ stakeholders (if any)

Our villagers living in the diaspora always respond to the genuine needs of the village by contributing money and other resources to VDC.

The community paticipation to the project is very key, our people paticipate fully to the implementation of the village project

Required Budget (GMD)should not exceed D200,000 

Budget for project A and B







30 packets of corrugates sheet at D5000X30= D150,000

Nails assorted                                                      = D15,000

Paints assorted                                                   = D15,000

Skills labor                                                           = D20,000


Machine Drilling                                               = D75,000

Iron stand 5m (angle 50mm)                          = D18,000

PE Tank 2000p (anti UV)                                = D16,000

DC pump 0.75hv                                               = D 30,000

Solar panel 24v/355w                                    = D18,000

Plumbing & wiring mabriel                            = D 17,000

Secured Iron Box (optional)                           =D 5000

Transport & logistic                                         =D 5000

Service & mobilization                                    =D 7,500

Conrinpency                                                     = D5,000

Skills Labor                                                      =D 3,500                                   

Counterpart Contribution (at least 10% of the total cost)

10% of the total cost of each project A & B of D200,000 shall be handle by the VDC as community participation

Bank details (account number and b-band number)

Account number: 005-5024773001

B-band number: 005201104979011069

Sector, e.g. health, education, agriculture, etc.

Both project will improve the overall wellbeing of health, education, agriculture etc of the community

Number of people expected to benefit from this project

Over Fifteen thousand inhabitants would benefit from both project 

Project Description (200 words)e.g. objectives, activities and duration, etc. 

Project A

The community market was concieved by te people to alleviate suffering of long distance travelling od 11km to and from the nearest market for goods and services, it was against this bakground that the Brikama Area Council constructed the market with the support of the community. The roof has now reach his life-spam and as such got broken, this situation required changing the entire roof of corrugated iron sheets. The walls would also required re-painting and beautification.

Objectives as follows:

  • The market will ease the exchange of goods and services within the community.
  • It will enhance and improved the income level of the vendors.
  • It will improve the life and lifelyhood of the members of the community.
  • It will provide safe keeping and security of products and services.


Project B

As water being an very important necesities in life, without water there’s no life for both plant and animals. The people of Pirang are in crisist of getting access to drinkable water, you can count almost 25 compound distance within the village without access to drinkable water. We need water to improve the life and lifelyhood of community socially, economically and agricultrally for people to live in good health. The VDC and the people of the community are requesting a support for a well water project in our community, this project will help the community to realized their dreams of having access to drinkable water for the community. We make consultation about the need of the project within to equip oueselves, we have quatation of our said project with time frame. The VDC with capacity of project management and supervisory skills eg; the successful implementation of the Health Post fencing supported by Atwerp Banjul Challenge to completion, the VD  assues you of completing the project within a month pending the availability of funds.












Major goal

To facilitate and ease marketing needs goods and income for the women daily in the community

To facilitate access to drinkable water for people of community of Pirang

Specific objectives

Secure money, time and ease access to goods and services 

Drikable water is a right for everyone and is a source of life

Without water no vegetable garden, help us make this happen and drive for our coommunity.

Expected outputs

Improved quality of social, economic and health well-being of the community

Project Sustainability








The community paticipation is very key in project sustainability.

A vibrant existence of a twenty four members of tweve words/ kabilo represented in the VDC with highly professional coopted members of diversed knowledge and experience on fund raisng and project proposal writeng and a willing community to contribute its quata to village development individually and collectively.










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