Sare Futa,Ambulance voor kliniek

Het comité van Sare Futa heeft goede voorbeelden gezien van andere klinieken die van dit soort projecten genieten. De hele commissie samen en bespraken en ze besloten uiteindelijk hetzelfde na te streven enkele vondsten gedaan en dat was om een kliniek te bouwen en hopelijk zullen helpende hand foundation en CDO ingrijpen en de problemen oplossen die ze momenteel ervaren.  

De mensen van Sare Futa lijden echt in hun dorp door gebrek aan transportmiddelen. Er zijn meer dan duizend zeshonderd inwoners in dit dorp en er zijn nog negen omliggende dorpen die naar onze dorpskliniek komen voor gezondheidsbehoeften. in de meeste gevallen, wanneer mensen met een spoedgeval komen, lijden ze erg veel voordat ze naar het hoofdziekenhuis gaan, omdat we geen Anbulance hadden om ze naar het ziekenhuis te brengen en als gevolg daarvan stierven velen voordat ze naar het ziekenhuis gingen.




Project Title:






Region:             Central River Region


District/ward    Lower Fulladu West


Village               Sare Futa


Applicant Organization


Name of organization: Sare Futa Clinic 


Type of organization:   Sare Futa Clinic


Address:   Sare Futa


Phone:    7187039 / 6246668


Email:    s


Registration status


1476 /2005


Contact person/project leader




Position: President


Phone:     7868151




Project mamagement team


Name:  Isatou jawo


Position:  V President


Phone:   7661449


Counterpart contribution(GMD)



Fueling and good maintanence of the car


Bank details

Guranty trust Bank Account Number  214 754014-1590







Number of people expected to benefit from this project


Male:      Female:    Total:

600          1000         1,600

Project Description :

Brief summary of project backgrond, problem statement and justification


The committee of  sarefuta has seen a good examples of others clinics who are are enjoying this kind of projects. All the committee together and discussed and they finally decided to pursue the same.The committe

committed some finds and that was to build a clinic and hopefully helping hand foundation and CDO will intervence and solve the problems that they are currently expriencing.

the  people of sare fut are really suffering in their villge due to lack of means of transpotation.There are more the one thousand six hundred inhabitants in this village and there are other nine surrounding villages who comes to our village clinic for health needs. in most cases when people come with emergency case they suffer very much before there get to the main hospital because we did not have an Anbulance to carry them to the hospital an as a resultmany died before they get to the hospital.

Major goal


To Get an Anbulance

Specific objectives


To ensure that all the people in the community has get access to good medication for good treatment. 

Every patience can be quily transport to the hospital.



pregnent women and childrens can be transport fast to the hospital an the anbulance will save life due to bad transport.

Expected outputs

with a anbulance the transpotation patience to the hospital will fast and that will save life from our community,exaple pregnents women and little children from malaria,that kills many children and pregnent women when they are transpoted by donkey car or horse car to nerest health central for 4 km away.




Project Sustainability










The sustainability of the Anbulance that will be under the managment term of the clinic.If the Anbulance is there, the sustainability will be very easy for the community,the committee term of the surronding villages will look after the maintainance of anbulance and monitoring of the km run.

The Anbulance will be use only for transporting of patience to the other health facilities.



Implementation schedules

Activities:          Timeline:         Responsibilities

 buying filters        every month        administraction and managment term of the clinic.         

engine oil.






We, the undersigned, hereby declare that all the information provided in this application is correct to the best of our knowledge. 


The target beneficiaries have been consulted and agreed to its implementation. The community/group members are committed to fulfill their responsibilities.


The project leader, with support of the management team, will be responsible for day to supervision of the project with a view to ensure proper and timely execution of the planned activities. On the other hand, DCD through the CDOs and CDAs will conduct periodic supervision and monitoring of the project.


Activity reports and records of all expenditure shall be properly kept and made available for inspection by both the project beneficiaries and DCD staff on a regular basis.


Name:   Ali Jallow


Position:  Secretary


Phone:   7187039










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