Toubakolong, Fencing of garden



Project Title:

Fencing of Garden



Applicant Organization

Kambeng Kafo

Registration status

Registered with A G chambers

Contact person/project leader

Alhajie Buba Dampha-7017600, 3250271

Ma Nyima Jatta-3218815

Project management team

Garden management committee

Project Partners/ stakeholders (if any)


Department of Agriculture

Required Budget (GMD) should not exceed D200,000 




Counterpart Contribution (at least 10% of the total cost)


Bank details (account number and b-band number)

Trust Bank Limited

Account number:1128014201


Sector, e.g. health, education, agriculture, etc.


Number of people expected to benefit from this project


Project Description (200 words) e.g. objectives, activities and duration, etc. 

The Toubakolong Kambeng Kafo women’s garden was established to help women increase their income, however, the current condition of the fence is a drawback. Animals, mostly goats get into the garden and destroy the vegetables before they are even ready for harvest, subsequently, the women predominantly cultivate mint (“nana”) since the pests do not eat it. The garden has three wells and a borehole, therefore with a standard fence keeping the animals out, the women will be able to diversify production and earn more income. The women have been coping with the poor fencing by fencing the perimeters of their beds using locally available material such as nets, sticks and thorns to somewhat keep the animals from eating their still-growing vegetables.

This is the cureent state of the fence of the garden which is not secured and animals used to destroy women’s crops





Major goal

To increase production 

Specific objectives

To keep animal intrusion at bay (goats)

To diversify production


Expected outputs

Year-round production

Less pre-harvest loss

Project Sustainability








Member after-harvest contribution

Group savings

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